28 September 2012

Week 4 - The week Google turned 14!

Ms Glennon's Rang 6 (Room 9) did a "mini-project" on the counties of Ireland this week. They did great work and some boys went all-out to impress, with Darragh Ryan baking a cake in the shape of county Clare, flagged with it's county towns! Alex made a presentation of county Donegal from cardboard, using mosaic. Next week the boys will prepare a 2 minute presentation for Mr. Ryan and the class. Well done boys!
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Ms. Glennon is hoping the Tribesmen will finally tame the cats this weekend and room 9 would like to wish Barry Heffernan and the Tipperary Minor Hurling team all the best in their quest to bring back the Irish Press Trophy!

On the right is a display of the boys 'putting their best foot forward!'

In Mr Kenny's 5th class (Room 7) we began reading the novel Buddy by Nigel Hinton. We read chapter 1 and discussed how hard life is for Buddy. We also discussed how life has been hard for his mam and dad. We wrote diary entries, pretending to be Buddy, set one month from the end of chapter 1. Read the boys work here on Kidblog.

In Ms Brophy's 3rd class (Room 14), in geography, we learned that we live in the town of Nenagh, in the county of Tipperary, in the province of Munster, in the country of Ireland, in the continent of Europe, in the Northern Hemisphere of the PLANET EARTH!

In Ms Slattery's 3rd/4th class (Room 2), "science was really cool. We went outside and explored animal life. We found red ants, woodlice and spiders. We used a magnifying glass and pooters."
Cian Galvin
Ms Finn's 2nd class (Room 3) collected acorns on our nature walk this week and coloured pictures for the annual harvest Mass. There are lots of words on our nature word wall. We did leaf rubbings and a rotting experiment!

Of course, on Thursday, Google turned 14. Last year was the first year that we entered the annual Doodle 4 Google competition and we look forward to entering it again this year. More about that in the coming weeks though!

21 September 2012

150 years of Christian Brothers education in Nenagh

This evening, in St Mary of the Rosary church, a special celebration Mass will be held to mark the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Christian Brothers in Nenagh. This Mass will recognise the distinguished service of the Christian Brothers to Nenagh life for the last century and a half, in the spirit of Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.
The secondary school choir will sing the hymns, with the music specially composed for the occasion. A small section of our own school will also perform in the choir. A parade will take place at 7 pm, from the school grounds in Summerhill towards St Mary's. Again, some of our own school will take part in this event.
All of our pupils did artwork today to mark this historical occasion.

 Here is a selection of various logos and symbols that are synonymous with Brother Rice and the Congregation of the Christian Brothers. (Click to enlarge)
Why not take a look at other relevant sections of this site that have to do with the Christian Brothers.
ERST gives information about many of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust schools around the country.
History shows a digital copy of the Nenagh Guardian on the day that our present school building was opened.

These websites also have loads more information for anybody who is interested.

It was also discovered today that the school motto 'Facere et Docere' (which is the Latin for 'To Do And To Teach') is actually the motto for the entire Congregation of Christian Brothers. 
Boys also discovered that the AΩ on their school uniforms and on the school crest are actually the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega. These symbols can also mean 'the beginning and the end'. They are also to be seen on the Paschal candle at Mass.

14 September 2012

Seachtain a Dó

We're now 10 days into the new school year and things are going well.

2nd class - Room 3
On Thursday we had RK Sports. It was fun. We really enjoyed ourselves. We made our Art folders and we are colouring in our aquariums at the moment. Our music lesson was all about fish this week and we learned two new songs, At the bottom of the sea and Alley Alley Oh!.

2nd class - Room 1
We did art this week about Mr Hedgehog. Here is one of the pictures we did. 

3rd class - Room 14
This week our favourite subject was Maths. We got to play fun maths games. We played with dice, we played Snap and Go Fish with cards, we played addition games on the computer, we measured various things in the room, we got to make 3-D shapes with Polydrons, we learned time with a magnetic clock and we practised our mental maths with 'Ten Frames'. 
We had a good topics week, each boy presented a topic to the class. We heard about sharks and whales, the moon , fish, planets, shooting trips, Mahatma Ghandi, Big Ben, Poland, Latvia, Manchester United, Eruptions of the Sun, gravity, sleep-overs,  Luis Suarez, endangered species, legoland, dogs, nature, hurling and even cockroaches. 
I wonder what we will learn about next week.

3rd/4th class - Room 2
"Our class did art this week. We did pointilism. Pointilism is where you draw a picture using dots. I did a crest that says my name. Cian did his name. Jack did a football pitch. Conor did a robot with a six pack. Art is great!"

5th class - Room 7
For Roald Dahl Day on Thursday, we read Chapter 2 from George's Marvelous Medicine and we had a discussion about our favourite parts from the film Matilda.
Jimmy informed us that Roald Dahl actually wrote the screenplay for the James Bond film You Only Live Twice!

You can find loads more information about Roald Dahl and his books at www.roalddahl.com.
We did an Edmodo quiz for homework on this internet article.

7 September 2012

Week 1 down... and it flew!

It's been a busy week in our school this week having returned from the summer break on Monday. We have two new second classes, some new pupils in the other classes, a new teacher in Ms McGrath and plenty of stories from a fun-filled Olympic summer.

Of course, during the first week, books and copies need to be sorted out, teachers and need to get to know their new pupils (and vice versa) and the mood is one of preparing for the year ahead. It probably didn't help that the sun was beaming through the windows having been as láthair all summer but no doubt the farmers were happy anyway.

We have lots of news from the week.

22 boys came into Mss Finn's 2nd class (Room 3) on Monday.  "We had a great first week in the CBS. We went out to the running track and we played parachute games. We love our new school."

"In Ms Brophy's 3rd class (Room 13), we learned about chickens. We learned that the white of the egg is called the albumen and it protects the chick as it is forming in the egg. However, we still don't know which came first - the chicken or the egg!"

"We in 4th class (Room 8) are all happy to have moved upstairs in school this year. Our teacher is Mr Ryan. Last year, half of our class was with Ms Ryan and the other half was with Ms Brophy. We want Tipperary to win the All-Ireland minor hurling final on Sunday."

"In Mr Kenny's 5th class (Room 7), we started blogging this week using Kidblog. We wrote about ourselves and we also made a connection with Ms O'Keefe's 5th class in Kinvara, Co. Galway. We connected with them through Twitter. They are blogging this year too and we read many of their blogs and left comments on them. Of course, we also left comments on each others' blogs. We'd love it if people from around Nenagh and Ireland (or even the world!) read our blogs and left comments to let us know what they think. Our blogs can be read here."

"We in Mr Buckley's 5th class began the year reading an old Russian folk-tale called Bella and the Bear. For art, we made comic strips of the story. Here is an example of one. There is another example here."

"Ms Glennon's 6th class (Room 9) would like to welcome a new boy, Alex Hughes from Cappawhite, to their class. We are all mad-roaring for Galway to win this weekend, with the promise of no homework on Monday if they do!"