26 October 2012

Week 8 - Happy Halloween!

There was loads of Halloween artwork on display around our school this week. Take a look!

We had a very busy week this week in room 9! We had a Halloween recipe competition with Darragh Ryan (1st) , Stephen Hallinan (2nd) and Stas Ionesi (3rd) taking the prizes!

We learned the poem "Mid-Term Break" by Seamus Heaney, learned all about volcanoes and watched the DVD "Volcano" with Tommy Lee Jones.
We also learned about the skeleton and the names of the different bones of the body! We topped off the week with a lovely display of Halloween silhouettes!

The two 5th classes studied "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe and did charcoal sketches in response to the poem! Take a look here at a webpage dedicated to this famous poem, including a video, a slideshow, some old artwork and a Simpson's version of the poem!!

19 October 2012

Seachtain a Seacht - Maths Week

Maths Week was a great success in our school, the highlight being our strong performance in Mangahigh. By the end of school on Friday, we are in 16th position in the Maths Week Ireland Games Challenge. We hope to finish with more than 2000 points when the competition closes at midnight on Sunday night. This would be a fantastic achievement for our school and we are delighted with our performance no matter what our final position. We also won our first ever Fai-To challenge, beating St Jospeh's NS, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford by 5 rounds to 0 which is a very emphatic victory. Of course there are also in-school competitions taking place, which won't come to a conclusion until next Friday.

We were knocked out of the U'13 football championship last Friday (the 12th) by Thurles Gaelscoil and two boys from the panel have written reports on the match here and here. All comments welcome!

For the last week before the mid-term, we are raising money for
Special Olympics Ireland by bringing in any money that people have at home. This includes any money from around the world even if it's not used any more, including old Irish money!! The Special Olympics is a very worthy cause and the school will actually get to keep a percentage of whatever is collected so all donations gratefully accepted. 

12 October 2012

Week 6 - Mangahigh Mania!!

The school went Mangahigh crazy this week! With Maths Week coming next week, every class got into the swing of using Mangahigh. Our log in page can be found here, where there is also information about our position on THE BRITISH ISLES MATHS GAMES CHALLENGE (including Great Britain and Ireland for the purposes of Mangahigh) as well as the breakdown of medals won by our pupils, the top scorers in our school and the various games leaderboards. At time of publishing we are in 8th place. We are competing very closely with St Patrick's NS, Castleknock, Dublin 15. They are a very experienced Mangahigh school with almost 200 more participants than us so our progress is quite remarkable. View their details here.
During Maths Week, there will be a special Ireland-only Mangahigh competition and we are aiming to do very well in that! Read about this competition here.
At the time of publishing, we have 154 participants in Mangahigh. We are running a competition in school to see what class can win the most medals for the school by the mid-term. 5th class in Room 7 cannot be counted in this competition as they started a week before everybody else. Below is a breakdown of the school points won by each class to date. (Click images to enlarge)
Our progress all week, documented on Twitter, can be seen below.

Special mention must also go to Ernests in 5th class...

News from Ms Brophy's 3rd class (Room 14) 
Congratulations to Daniel Gamon who won a runner up prize in this year's Dromineer Literary Arts Festival for his poem 'The Mouse & The Inkwell'. We are also firing ahead in Mangahigh Maths challenges. Even members of our class who are unwell at home are making a great effort to join the challenges. Let's even try harder next week!

Some of the great work from Mr Buckley's 5th class (Room 12)
Tom Crean's diary from 18th February 1902, detailing his epic solo march in the Antarctic to save the lives of his colleagues Lt. Evans and Bill Lashly

Room 12 design school: Our futuristic car designs and flying machines

Polar Animal Profiles: We profiled various creatures that live in the polar regions

5 October 2012

Seachtain 5 - Happy World Teachers Day!

3rd class - Room 14
Look at some of our lovely bookmarks. We are enjoying  reading our library books so much in Ms Brophy's that we made our own bookmarks and got them laminated. Now we'll always know what page we're on! (click to enlarge)

5th class - Room 7
We looked at the poem 'Useless Things' (by Richard Edwards) this week. This is quite a funny poem and it was very easy for us to add our own verses. We did this by having an Edmodo discussion for homework. Then we took two lines from each boys own work and combined them together to make "Useless Things 2012". (Click on the links to view our work)
Special mention to a couple of boys also -
Conor H won 'Student of the Month' for September and Dylan M scored a hugely impressive 0:09 on a Jigsaw Sudoku 4x4 puzzle. Go to www.jigsawsudoku.com to play this game.

6th class - Room 9
This week we learned a few interesting points about the hedgehog. We learned that hedgehogs are nocturnal creatures which means they sleep during the day and hunt at night; we also learned that a baby hedgehog is called a hoglet and they are white when they are first born; hedgehogs are omnivores which means they eat both plants and animals; hedgehogs have very long tongues which they use for spreading saliva over their bodies when they smell nice things.
Today we painted our own hedgehogs using "pointillism". (click to enlarge)
Troy H
U'13 Gaelic football
Unfortunately we lost the second round of the U'13 Gaelic football championship. We played Two-Mile-Borris NS in Borrisoleigh. We received a walkover in our first match and we have one more round-robin match left v Gaelscoil Dúrlas Éile. Hopefully we can win this an qualify for the county semi-final.