30 November 2012

Week 12 - 3 months gone...

Our school took part in the Team Hope Christmas Shoebox Appeal recently, bringing Christmas boxes to less fortunate children throughout the world. Read more about this initiative here.

 Recently, our 5th and 6th class pupils got a visit from Brother Kieran McCormack who gave them a short history lesson on the life of Edmund Rice, who was born 250 years ago. He also told us about the Edmund Rice 250 Appeal which is a year-long initiative to raise awareness and funds for the vital international work of the Christian Brothers and followers of Edmund Rice today and into the future. The website can be found here. There are videos and more to read about the work of the Christian Brothers throughout the world. 

Some of the boys bought these bracelets which were made in Edmund Rice schools in Africa. The money raised will go towards the vital work of the Christian Brothers abroad.

Take a look at our current Mangahigh trophy cabinet!

The school now has a Youtube channel! Take a look here.

27 November 2012

Week 11 - Tick tock, tick tock to Christmas!

3rd class - Room 13
This week we learned all about space with Mr Corcoran. We found out that in 1954, a dog named Laika was the first animal to orbit the earth, he was sent to space by the Soviet Space Project.  Yuri Gagarin, a Russian Cosmonaut was then the first man in space but Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, in 1969. 
We memorised a mnemonic to help us remember the order of the planets of our solar system. 'My very educated mother just showed us Neptune'. This stands for 'Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.'

2nd class - Room 3
We adopted a donkey this week, from The Donkey Sanctuary. His name is Ritchie. Read all about him below. There also a drawing that an artist did of him. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

20 November 2012

EXTRA!!: Doodle 4 Google 2013

There are only two more weeks left to enter Google Ireland's Doodle4Google competition. This is a super art competition that will ultimately lead to an Irish school pupil having their doodle live on google.ie for 24 hours, early in 2013. 
This year's theme is 'My invention...'. Only 6 entries may be made per school, regardless of age group, so competition is always strong. 
Click here for all details about the competition, including previous winning entrants.
Take a look below (click to enlarge) at the 6 entries that went forward from our school last year. Last year's theme was 'I wish...'.

16 November 2012

Week 10 - We're back after one week off and one week missed!

Welcome back everybody! Apologies for the lack of a weekly report last Friday. We're back this week and there has been loads going on since the mid-term.
Ms Liston's 2nd class (Room 1) have started on the tin whistle and this week they learned 'Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star'. Listen to them performing in our first Youtube video, on our new Youtube channel!

In Ms Brophy's 3rd class (Room 14) we learned about Egypt with Mr Corcoran, who is in working with us for a while. With our new found knowledge, we composed and recorded a song about The Pyramids...
The pyramids in Egypt were really tall,
Some were big and some were small,
Tutenkhamun didn't build them all,
Hieroglyphics written all over the wall.
and worked as historians, finding answers to questions about Egypt in different books and magazines. We then made these beautiful coil pots using the technique they would have used in ancient times.

Mr Kenny's 5th class (Room 7) got 'Blog Dipped' this week. They wrote their own versions of the poem I'd like to be a tea-bag by Peter Dixon. They published these on their own Kidblogs and these poems were singled out for extra attention via Julia Skinner on Twitter.
Take a look at where they got dipped here.

The school collected a huge bag of money for Special Olympics Ireland in recent weeks. This was made up of old Irish money, different currencies from all over the world and, of course, Euros. The school will be returned 40% of whatever the final value of the bag is!

The school also won another Fai-To challenge on Mangahigh recently. We beat Cherry Drive Elementary from the USA.