18 January 2013

Week 17 - Water Survey

This week we ran a colouring competition for 2nd class and a slogan/poster competition for 3rd-6th class. Keep posted to see some of the results. There will be one winner per class, to be announced on the Action Day. Listen out for our poetry competition next week.

We will be having our Action Day on 1st February. We will all be wearing blue on the day to represent Water. There will be a €1 charge per student to cover prizes on the day. Everyone in the school is taking part. We will have Experiments, a Table Quiz, You-Tube clips to watch and discuss and water web-sites to look at. We want to involve all of our Parents and the wider community. All are invited to our CBS Water Exhibition in the GP Room at 1.30 on the day. We do hope you can come along to see our experiments and project work.

14 January 2013

Week 16 - Pursuing our 3rd Green flag!

The school is proud to inform you that we are currently applying for our third green flag, water. We are also monitoring our litter and waste, while keeping an eye on our energy consumption in the school.
We now want to involve the wider community so we have decided to use our school website to inform you of what exciting events are taking place over the next few weeks. This awareness campaign involves the whole school and their families and anyone who cares for their environment.
Lots of events are lined up, from projects to an Action Day on the 1st of February. Please keep up-to-date with our site as we will have lots of interesting tips and facts which will help us all.

10 Top Tips for saving water
1) Reduce leaks
Drips can waste 2,700 gallons of water per year.
2) Upgrade shower heads and toilets
A Low-Flow option can save 2 gallons of water per minute.
3) Reduce shower time
A 5 minute shower uses 10-25 gallons of water.
4) Full loads only
Reduces the need for unnecessary water usage.
5) Reuse water
Eg: Save the cold water used while water is warming up when doing the dishes.
6) When brushing
Turn the water off when brushing your teeth and only turn on when rinsing.
7) Flush only when necessary
By doing this, you can reduce the overall water usage.
8) Don't over-water
Reduce the frequency of watering the garden in Summer
9) Water plants in the morning
By doing this, you avoid unnecessary evaporation
10) Consider a water butt
Water butts can be used for many purposes in the garden, 
from plant watering to car washing.