19 September 2013


We, the pupils of Nenagh CBS, are proud to be a Green School, and are currently working towards our 4th Green Flag for travel.

We are an inclusive committee with 4 members per class. The first step was to perform an audit to find out how much water the school was using per person per day. We reduced the water usage by half. We involved every class in the school and provided curriculum activities for all ages to enjoy

We kept parents informed and involved with tips and newsletters on how water works, and on how to save water. We also used our school website, and our local newspaper “The Guardian”, to keep in touch with the wider community.

During the year, we invited parents to our Greenschools Action Day in our GP Room. The turnout was awesome, far exceeding our expectations. Each class was represented “in Blue”, and the pupils proudly demonstrated their carefully planned projects and experiments on different aspects of water.

We held colouring competitions in school, and even took part in our local annual Christmas tree decoration competition with our local Co Co.

The highlight of the year was receiving the Green Flag at the Award ceremony in Kilkenny, in June.

We finished the year on a high note, with a very competitive “CBX FACTOR” in school. All classes took part and composed their own song, poem or rap for our school competition. The winning song was awesome, and was performed on Flag Raising Day outside our school, for all the Local community to enjoy.