23 October 2015

Half-Term Update

Written by Eoin Casey and Daniel Manning 6th Class

Message from Ms Brophy

We've reached the mid-term break, great to see all new students are well settled in by now. We've had some great sporting events, Athletics, Swimming, u11 football and of course our u13 football team have made it to the county final. Good luck yo them and thank you to Mr.Hannigan and Mr.O Sullivan for all their efforts. Maths Week was a hive of activity and we came very close to the Top 10 in the country in Mangahigh. It was great to see all classes use our new computer room and our new ipads, it's another fun way of learning.

I wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween, enjoy the break and be aware of elderly neighbours. Come back energised for the term ahead

Trick or Treat for Temple Street

Lots of boys brought in a donation for Temple Street Children's Hospital. We picked the best costume- It was Connor from 6th class.


The u11 football team participated in a blitz and did very well winning one game and losing two in their group. With some excellent performances by a young team, the future looks bright.

Pride of place must go to our u13 team who have qualified for the county final! They have worked very hard throughout the year and deserve their place in the final. The match will take place after the break. We will face Cahir N.S in the final.

Maths Week

We came 12th in the whole of Ireland the top three classes were Ms Barry, Mr Hannigan and Mr Shine. The top student in our school was Anton. Everyone had a lot of fun on the ipads playing maths games. Overall it was a fantastic maths week.

Ms Ryan's Class

Mrs Ryan's class made extremely colourful art from Autumn leaf rubbings to lots of great Halloween art.They also made rice krispie buns.They wrote amazing recounts about Oisin and Tir na Og. They learned a scary poem about a witch.

Ms Glennon's 2nd Class

All this month, we learned about Autumn, the hedgehog and the spider. We wrote acrostic poems about autumn and some gruesome recipies for a scary Halloween. We also made some pumpkin faces for Halloween. Congratulation to Daniel Connolly who was our recount winner.

Ms.Liston's 2nd Class

Ms Liston's class did fantastic on their recounts as well as on their Halloween acrostic poems.They also learned a poem about trying to take a selfie. They  finished their power hour this week and it has improved all of their reading.Ryan Clifford is our winner of the recount on his "Evening Routine".

Ms.Barry's 3rd 

English - We finished our recounts, Ruadhan was our recount winner. He wrote about A Sleep-Over At His Granny's House

Irish – This month has been all about learning Briathara in Irish and we have been miming them out. Some examples are Dhún mé, Ghlan mé, Chas mé and Bhris mé. We are also learning about Oiche Shamhna

Maths – this is an exciting month for us in maths -we learned renaming with hundreds tens and units and we also start learning our multiplication tables- we are on our way to becoming mathematicians.

Art- This was a busy month for us in Art. WE sketched the trees around our school and used these to make silhouettes. After that we painted a sheet with Autumnal colours to make pretty pictures. We also entered the Nenagh.ie and Credit Union art competitions and to celebrate Halloween, we made skeletons. We also finished our World Cup projects.

In Science we learned about our skeleton and we can now name lots of the bones in our bodies.

This month we were reflecting on the changing weather so in music, we made a thunderstorm just using sounds made by our bodies.

We wish everybody a very happy Halloween and we will be having a party to celebrate on Friday!

Ms Slattery's 3rd Class

3rd class learned Irish vocabulary an Ar Scoil and used this vocabulary in their pictures. 

Alot of the boys have been doing great in their multiplication tables if they become fantastic at their tables, they get a certificate and are on a multiplication masters chart.

The boys made Halloween lanterns in art.

For maths week, the boys used ipads and learned to use two new apps- Maths Duel and Blocks. They used their Mangahigh I.D and password to complete maths tasks. They really enjoyed this.

Eoin is our successful winner for his fantastic recount on Nenagh vs Drom and Inch

Ms McGrath's 4th Class

We learned about Autumnal colours and did art based on them. We made funny faced pumpkins and Halloween silhouettes.

We planted Hyacinths and if we came for them correctly they should in the spring

We edited and published our recounts Charlie wrote the winning recount

In maths we learned about lines, angles and 2-D shapes and we constructed 2-D shapes using lollipop sticks. We also had fun on the Ipads for maths week

Mr Smith's 5th class

The boys all learned about the Normans and did fantastic Halloween art. They did recount writing- Peter Slattery was the class winner. In History, they learned all about the 1916 Rising.

Mr.Shine's 5th/6th Class

Mr.Shine`s class did a very messy science experiment with balloons filled with air, water and ice. The winners of the recounts were Cian McGrath and Dermot McTiernan .
They learned a very good poem called the drink of water poem. They made really cool lava lamps in science. and they also learned all about the Vikings and the Viking's boats. 

Mr Hannigan's 6th Class

We finished our recounts. After editing and publishing our recounts, Adam O'Brien -Brennan was chosen as the winner.We have also nearly completed our class novel "The guns of Easter", which tells the story of a young boy called Jimmy Conway during the 1916 rising.
In maths we looked at fractions, lines and angles and multiplication.
For art we looked at 3D perspective, 3D fish and also made posters to show our support for Nenagh Éire Óg in the county senior hurling final.

7 October 2015

A New School Year

By Libor Tomesek and Sam Dight 6th Class

Miss Brophy would like to welcome everyone back to school and would also like to welcome all the new boys into the school and wish them luck throughout the year. 

Miss Brophy would also like to say thanks to all of the sports trainers for giving their time up for everyone in the school. The sports include hurling,rugby, gaelic football,athletics and also swimming.

This month we were very happy to welcome The Irish Defence Force and thank them for their generosity in trusting us with the Irish national flag and the Irish 1916 Constitution.

2nd Class Ms Glennon

This month we welcomed 19 new boys to the school from St. Mary's N.S. We are all getting to know each other. We are asking each other questions as Gaeilge about Mé Féin. We have also done self portraits of ourselves. We've earned Golden Time and we've spent it on going to the park for a nice treat. We are working on recount writing and prediction comprehension strategy at the moment.

2nd Class Ms Liston

This month we've done our portraits and we've been learning about primary colours and mixing colours. We have also learned 4 out of 10 keys to happiness, No.1 Giving No.2 Relating to others No.3 Exercising and No.4 Appreciating.

3rd Class Ms Slattery

This month we have been learning about animals and their natural habitat in geography. We have also learned about ends and beginnings talking about how the holidays have ended and the new school year is beginning. We have also entered the Nenagh drawing competition where we we draw buildings in Ireland and all the other parts of the world.


3rd Class Ms Barry

This month we have been keeping track of the rugby World Cup and every boy has their own team. We have been also doing a project on rugby. Currently we have been reading the novel Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone.We have been learning about the Fianna and we are trying our own version of their exams to get into the Fianna.

4th Class Ms McGrath

This month we have done a falling into space self portrait for art and we have learned about the Romans and have been doing a project on them. We've learned all about the countries in the rugby world cup. In Gaeilge we have been doing Mé Féin.


5th Class Mr Smith

We have been learning about the 1916 Easter rising. We have been drawing our own signatures and we have also been doing leaf art for our art. This month we have also been keeping track of our rugby world cup scores and we have done art about it.

6th Class Mr Shine

This September we have been doing our self portraits in art and we have had a treat down to the computer room and have learned about Leonardo Da Vinci there. We have been given a word pyramid by Mr Shine and have vast amounts of different words on the pyramid. We have two student teachers this month Mr Ramel and Miss Walsh. Miss Walsh has been doing Irish, English,Drama,Art and Science with us. For art with Mr Shine we have made a jigsaw piece each and we have also designed our own chocolate bar with Miss Walsh.

6th Class Mr Hannigan

This month we have done our bugs life drawing and our perspective drawing for art. We have been learning about the eye and how it operates. We have learned about the 1916 Easter rising. We have also been learning a poem called 'Ceisteanna' to help us remember some words in Irish,we have been learning mé féin .We have also been learning about our recount writing and have done our own. We are keeping track of the rugby world cup scores on our wall chart.


2nd-6th Miss Ryan

This September we have been learning about planets in our solar system. We saw photos of the super moon and learned about astronauts and how they survive in space. In art we drew pictures of Nenagh and made mini Irish flags. The class is very happy that we can go swimming every week.