22 December 2017

Yuletide Newsflash

Cluain Caoin Theatre Company

Today, the boys had a visit from the Cluain Caoin theatre who put on a wonderful performance of the young Fionn Mac Cumhail.

We met many fabled characters, great fun was had by all and the show was a great success.

Many thanks to all.

Thursday Assembly
The boys today came together to perform songs and poems to all the boys in the school.
There were some brilliant festive performances.

We also had a special visitor today.

Many thanks to all and have a safe and happy Christmas.

Wednesday Assembly

Well done to all of our winning report writers who read their pieces today at assembly. There were some excellent reports this year.

Some boys were recognised for their acts of kindness over the course of the month.

Also, we recognised the boys who have 100% attendance so far this year. Well done boys, keep it up.

St. Fintan’s
In English, we have been finishing our report writing.
In PE, we have been hurling and we also had a blitz against Corville NS, Roscrea.
We practiced for and performed in our Christmas show.
In art, we made a Christmas stocking.

St. Flannan’s
This month we have been very busy.
In maths, we learned and worked with lines and angles. We have been practicing how to approach worded problems.
In English, we have been finishing our report writing.
In art, we designed our own star decoration with popsicle sticks. We drew a cool Christmas tree using lines and angles. We also made a Christmas stocking and a Santa Face.
In PE, we have been hurling and we also had a blitz against Corville NS, Roscrea.
We also practiced for and performed in our Christmas show.
We also won the annual Lego competition this month for the junior end of the school.

St. Enda’s

December has been a busy month.
We have been getting ready for Christmas.
We sang carols outside the bank of Ireland and raised lots of money for the new yard.
We were practising for our Christmas concert.
We completed our report writing genre.

We also did some lovely art catching a snow flake.

St. Eugene’s

In English, we did the story of Christmas miracle. We also finished our report writing.
In Maths, we worked with our  multiplication tables 3d shapes, world problems.
In Irish, we focused on An Nollaig.
In Drama, we did our Christmas performance, Lapland’s Got Talent and we performed it in the GP room to our parents and grandparents.

In our science, we investigated heat. 

St. Declan’s

We spent a lot of time preparing for our Christmas show with St Diarmuids and St Thomas. We played 3 tunes on the recorder preformed THE GRINCH and danced and sang Rocking around the Christmas tree. The boys did a great job

In art, we made a crib out of clay and made pop out Christmas art.
Daniel won the report writing with a report about the David Walliams. 
We went to the church to visit the crib and say our prayers and also visit the library.

St. Diarmuid’s

We have been practicing very hard for our concert, “The Grinch who stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss.

 We made hot chocolate and lots of lovely Christmas art. We had great fun carol singing down town and a very proud of our selves for raising money towards our new school yard.

St. Canice’s

In December, we learnt a poem and a reindeer hokey pokey song for our Christmas concert.
We were very busy preparing for the Christmas concert. The parents really enjoyed it.
We made bruschettas and toasted sandwiches last Friday
We made Christmas stencil cards in art they turned out really nice.
We completed our Christmas door this week. The gingerbread house looked really well

On Monday, we were carol singing for two hours outside the bank of Ireland. We made lots of money for our new playground.

St. Conall’s

We made aliens of clay.
 David, Daniel and Evan represented the class to present our Lego project to Mr Scully. He especially liked our society Michael model.
Our class preformed Christmas is Cancelled, Kitty K rhyme’s and Love my Life by Robbie Williams for our Christmas concert

We made pancakes in school and tried out the recipe at home.

St. Thomas’

We had a very busy month preparing for Christmas. 
The class made huge effort designing our Christmas door. 
We did plenty of Christmas art and took part in the Christmas concert. 
We also went carol singing to raise funds for the lip-sync battle.
We did report writing on arctic animals and Kelvin Manning did his report on the arctic fox was the winner.

St. Brendan’s

This December was a very busy month.
 We prepared for our Christmas concert over the period. We preformed four our Christmas poem about the goings on in Nenagh C.B.S
We also gave a rendition of Dustin Christmas tree song.
 We used our snowmen at night art to decorate our room.

 It wasn’t all play however as we worked hard and completed our Christmas maths and S.E.S.E tests.

1 December 2017

Winter News

Lego Competition
For the month of November all classes have been participating the annual Nenagh CBS Lego competition. This year's theme was Outer Space.

The children have been working really hard and have come up with some really fascinating concepts for the competition.

This Monday, Mr. Scully from Nenagh CBS Secondary was this year's guest adjudicator and we would like to thank him sincerely for taking time out of his hectic schedule to helping judge the finished Lego projects.

This year's winners are ;
St. Flannan's 2nd class(junior champions)

St. Brendan's 6th class(senior champions)

Here are some pictures of the Lego projects from all classes.

Well done to all the boys.

Hurling Blitz
Today, the 2nd class boys took on the boys and girls from Corville National School, Roscrea in a hurling blitz.

Well done to all the boys and girls who played. Many thanks to the transition year students who helped and to Corville National School who provided some lovely refreshment after the matches.

School assembly

Well done again to the under 13 football team at Nenagh CBS who won the Roinn B Cumann na mBunscol County Final againt Two-Mile Borris.

The boys were presented with their medals recently.
Well done to the boys and thanks to Mr. Hannigan and Mr. O'Sullivan for their time and effort.

Winter News in Nenagh CBS

St. Flannan's
This month, we have been very busy.

In English,  we have been practicing report writing and we have been looking at irish mammals like the fox, the badger and the pine marten.
In maths, our class have been learning about 2d shapes, estimating, symmetry.
In science week, we had a visit from Shane from Arrabawn creamery who carried out great displays dealing with air pressure. We also investigated simple chemical reactions in class.
In art, we designed our own galleys's.

St. Fintan's

We learned a lot about planet Earth in space.
 We also completed planet reports and a Lego competition. We learned about winter and we made winter snowmen as part of their art.
We visited the church with St. Flannans for the adoration of the Eucharist.
We also went to mass to help us to prepare for their Holy Communion later in the year. 

St. Eugene's

St. Eugene’s studied 2-D and 3-D. We also studied multiplication tables.
In Gaelige, we learned an aimsir and learned a poem called Stocaí beaga buí.
In Science, we learned water cycle and we did an experiment to purify water.
In history/geography, we learned about Kenya.

In art we did Kenya. In English we did report writing. We also finished our Lego project.                         

St. Enda's

This month we did lots of exciting things.
We learned all about the water cycle and why it rains so much in Ireland. We did lots of experiments with water for science week.
We had a very interesting visitor to the school called Shane. He was a scientist from Nenagh Creamery. He shared us some really cool experiments.

This month we learned about the eye in cold climates. We completed fact files about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic. We learned about Tom Crean. He had a very interesting life. He never reached the South Pole but he was a very brave and honourable man.

St. Diarmuid's

We read the novel ‘The Iron Man’ and really enjoyed it. We have been learning all about winter and the weather. We painted some lovely winter scenes with the robin birds.
We were very lucky to visit Mr. Scully in the C.B.S Secondary School and carried out lots of experiments with him.

We are rehearsing for their Christmas play ’The Grinch.’

St. Declan's 

On Science Week, we went to the C.B.S Secondary School. We built rockets with a frame and we launched them in the yard, we went very far.
We made chocolate apples and sold them all at school. In English we finished ‘The Sheep Dog’. It was very good. We are now writing reports.
We learned about space in science. We learned about the first man on the moon and how astronomers survive on the moon.

St. Canice's

We made soup before the mid-term break.
We finished a book called ‘Charlottes Web.’
 We did science experiments for science week.
We visited the library twice.
We went to the u13 football Co. Final.

Ben Walshe came 3rd in the all Ireland u12 athletics. We also made lanterns for the spleodar festival.

St. Conall's

We planted hyacinth and crocus bulbs with Ms. Finn.
 We studied Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul II, Bono and Ghandi.
We did science experiments in the C.B.S secondary school with Mr Scully.
We entered a number of colouring competitions such as News 2days and the EU colouring competitions!!

St. Thomas'

We went on a trip to the Heritage Centre. We got a tour of the place and learned a lot.

We learned about winter and did some lovely winter art.

St. Brendan's

This month, we visited the C.B.S secondary school as part of science week. Mr Scully carried out some amazing experiments.
We started their new novel “The Guns of Easter “which tells the story of the young Jimmy Conway during 1916.
We been concentrating on decimals in maths and everybody is working hard.

Our Lego project is also going well and we excited about the arrival of the judges.