31 May 2018

Our Summer News

St Flannan’s class
This month we have learned about Ireland’s trees.
We learned all about Africa, its people, traditions and animals.
We also looked at Bealtaine, the celtic festival marking the beginning of summer. The boys made their own May bush to mark Bealtaine.
In Maths, we looked at number stories.
We also did some of our testing for this year. 
We began Athletics in Nenagh Olympic too. We enjoyed sports day and we have also been able to take in some of the lovely weather in May.

St. Fintan’s class

We are learning about narrative writing at the moment in English.
We learned that May is the month of Mary and that it is also the first of Summer.
We celebrated Edmund Rice feast day with a prayer service.
We completed our Micra-T and Sigma-T.

We also had our first day at athletics and really enjoyed it!

St. Enda’s class

This month we learned lots about Biodiversity.
We walked around the grounds of the school and picked up litter. We also went to the Nenagh Castle and had a picnic on the grounds.

We did a history and geography travel around Nenagh. We learned lots about our local history and geography.

St. Eugene’s class

 In maths, we learned 2d and 3d shapes, multiplication, division and maths trail.
In English, we read “The Iron Man” and “James and the Giant Peach”. We did power hour. We did a poem called “Daylight saving time”.
In Irish, we learned about Caitheamh Aimsire.

In Geography and Science, we learned about soil and different soils in different regions. 

St. Diarmiud’s class

We learned about 3D shapes in Maths.
We are writing our narratives and enjoying our new novel ‘Stanley’ which is very funny.
We have learned all about light in science and how plants make food through photosynthesis.

We are looking forward to starting Athletics.

St. Declan’s

The two 4th classes preformed C.B.S band family night. The boys have been learning the recorder with Mrs Curran all year. They performed a selected of tunes for their families. The CBS band also performed. It was a great night. Well done to all the boys. The boys had an ice-cream party the following Monday as a reward for their hard work. We have doing narrative writing in English. We read our project presentations and are looking forward to watching them. Sister Essie came to visit us and asked us to do two completions for the Pope’s visit. 

St. Conall’s class

On 9th May, we went to the library to take part in a table quiz as part of Europa day. We also did class activates on the day.
See: (Europa + u/kids-corners.)
Ryan made a bird – house for our school Mike put it in a safe place.
 Aaron took part in the Tipperary fleadh. He played 2 tunes with the u12 band.
We visited the firestation on Monday 14th. It was great.
We really enjoyed Biodiversity week.
We studied trees, birds, pond life and went for a lovely walk.

We held a cake sale and raised euro210 towards our school tour.   

St. Canice’s class

We had our Sports day on 10th May. We had great fun and we all got a medal.
We completed the bullying survey in May.
We completed our Sigma T and Micra T tests.
We went to the park and had wafers and ice-cream
We went on the river walk it was beautiful.
In history we learnt about the famine and watched a short video on it.

St. Brendan's class

In May, we had our sports day. It was great fun with plenty of activates on offer. We also went to the Nenagh snooker club where Brendan O’ Donoghue the Irish number 1 taught us all the game.

It wasn’t just all play in St Brendans this month as we completed our end of year tests. We also looked at the topic on Biodiversity with our green schools committee.  

From our class, Jack McLoughlin represented Tipperary in the primary game v Waterford. Well done Jack.

Also we have the Tipperary skils competition champions in our school. They are now going on to represent Tipperary in Munster. Well done Jack and Cian from St Brendan's class and well done to Cian from St. Conall's class.

St Thomas’s class

10 May 2018

Sports Day 2018

Sports Day at Nenagh CBS

Thanks to all who helped out and guided the boys in Nenagh CBS today as we had our annual sports day.

The boys all had wonderful fun.

It was a great day and even the temperamental weather did not get in our way.

The boys enjoyed a wide range of activities including;
Novelty courses,
Olympic Handball,
Tag rugby,
Tug of war,
Penalty shootout,
and a whole lot besides.

Thanks to all and well done boys.

3 May 2018

New Term news

St Fintan’s

We had a very busy April in second class. We spent the first two weeks preparing for first Holy Communion we learned lots of prayers and songs. We had a great day.

In Maths we learned about subtraction with renaming and also about length. St Fintan’s learned about the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. We painted their own ‘’Stamy Night’’, we wrote acrostic poems and also learned about Holland.

St Flannan’s
This month has been very busy for us.
We received our First Holy Communion on Saturday, 21st April.
It was a great day and all the boys did fantastically well.
In maths, we learned about length, 3D shapes and weight.
In English, we had power hour and also we have been looking at narrative writing.
In SESE, we have learned about the dandelion.

St Enda’s

St Eugene’s

This month we learned lots about Africa. In Geography we focused on the country Kenya. We learned about the famous landmarks in Kenya and we also learned about the cultures and traditions. The Maori’s tribe. In history we learned all about ancient Egypt. We did a project on this and it was very interesting. For the last two week, we have a new teacher called Mr Gubbins he is really nice and is doing lots of fun things with us.

St Declan’s

We learned all about the Titanic in History.
We have been researching all about Spain we are doing a project about Spain in small groups.
We made reading buddies holding our favourite book in Art.
We had great fun at the Athletics day. Daniel won two medals.

Valters, Daniel and Emmet are on the school hurling team.

St Diarmuid’s

We learned all about area, length and perimeter in Maths. We celebrated earth day and created booklets on how to recluse, reuse and recycle. We are learning about the different proving and countries in Ireland. In science we carried out experiments about heat and also magnetism.

St Conall’s

We entered the Design a book token competition.
We studied maps of all kinds in various formats.
Daniel, Oren and Victor won an art competition called “my Region, my dreams, we won an art pack, a set of postcards with their picture, and their picture was displayed in the European committee of Regions Hall.
Mr Gubbins visited our class and did percussion.
Well done to Ryan from our class who won gold in the javelin at the recent athletics meet at Nenagh Olypmic.
We wrote acrostic poems to celebrate World Earth Week.

St Canice’s

We learnt about sound in science and we made musical instruments from recyclable items.
We competed in the Indoor Athletics Competition and loads of winners.
In maths, we studied the circle. We used compasses to draw them and we also designed a circle of life.
In English, we started a new novel, “Kensuke’s Kingdom” by Michael Morpurgo.

In geography, we designed our own maps of Europe and labelled the different countries and cities.

St Brendan’s

In April, sixth class received the sacrament of Confirmation. In preparation for the sacrament we went on a retreat to the Cistercian Monastery in Roscrea. This was organised by the parish. Everyone had a great day reflecting on the meaning of this special sacrament.

The Confirmation was a great day and all of the boys showed great respect to the significance of this milestone.

St Thomas’s

We learned about the life cycle of a frog. We went on a walk with Mr Buckley to find tadpoles and we are now being cared for in our school garden.
We also planted seeds in our school garden with Mrs Finn. We planted lettuce, beetroot, onions and courgettes.